Friday, October 30, 2009

So what did I learn, apart from the fact that 40 miles is a bloody long way! Well, firstly, research your route if at all possible, I didn't really get chance for this and paid for it when I discovered how much tarmac was involved. Don't get carried away and go too quickly down hills, all that Jarring won't do you any favours later on in the event. Get used to the taste of bananas, available at all good check points!

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I’ve never been one to turn down the chance for adventure, the biggest and most rewarding one so far was starting a family with my (very understanding) wife! We have three kids, George, Gracie and Evie. All of whom put me to shame with their energy and enthusiasm! I've always preferred the chill of the mountains, either climbing up them or snowboarding down them, until I took up running, after a serious on-duty injury, to disprove the ‘shouldn’t, wouldn’t, couldn’t’ attitudes I found many people have. Discovering the fun in exploring places and getting to know them by traveling through them on foot has got me into some interesting events in the past; multi-day mountain marathons and ultras, long distance paths and national trail traverses, 84 miles of Hadrian’s Wall, Welsh 3000 and completing the MDS in 2010. Next up Beacons Ultra and a return to the MDS.