Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Gettin' back in the swing!

Well I'd like to say its like riding a bike, get straight back in the saddle. Put your runners on and head out the door.

I suppose technically, it is, although I've learnt there's also a lot more to it. The books magazines and advertising tell you it's all about the right gear, the right nutrition, the right mental attitude (whatever the hell that is?!). 

What about the many tips like;

1) When crossing styles on a long run and with tired legs don't forget to lift your trailing leg extra high to avoid being pitched into a bunch of nettles....
2) If using a elasticated lead for your best, 4 legged running partner, ensure it is securely fastened to said beasts collar to avoid injuries from unwanted recoil.....
3) When using older stock running gear make sure you wear suitable under garments to avoid scaring innocent passers by when the inevitable happens......seams fail!

Obviously, I've always pre-planned for these situations and none of the above has ever actually happened to me ;0)

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