Friday, September 21, 2012

What....? Again..?!

Eh, it again? Never, no, been there done*t man, what a difference 24 months make.
Yeah, that's right I've just signed up for the Marathon des Sables again. A big part of me keeps asking 'what am I doing?' and yet I've come to realise the experience has had a bigger impact on me than I ever really thought. Colleagues, friends and family regularly groan as I relate another desert 'experience' to a current situation and I would probably do the same, but I'm now in the mind that if I'm ever gonna be able to boast about anything then, completing the 'Worlds Toughest Foot Race' is one of them, and hell why not be able to say 'yeah, I did it..........twice!'. Ever since I returned from the Sahara I've been longing for the wide open places and simplicities of the event..........get up, run, eat sleep and do it again. Every body in the same boat, everybody watching out for each other, pulling together.
So lets see how it goes, MDS 2014 here we come!

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