Sunday, March 28, 2010

Run away train!

Hi again, I'm currently sat at the kitchen table drinking a strong coffee and suffering from the effects of lack of sleep due to just finishing my night shift, one hour lost due to the clocks changing and too much to do!
I'm out on the streets again today shaking that collecting bucket and then on for my final night shift before I head out to the Sahara on Thursday. I'm hoping the people on the streets aren't fed up of me yet! The fundraising seems to be picking up speed now, it's beginning to feel a bit like a runaway train! I had a live radio interview the other day. That was an experience. I was on immediately after Gordon Brown (yes, the real G.B. our PM) apparently I'd taken David Camerons spot because he couldn't make it. I like to think he was dropped because what I had to say was more important! A word of advice, if you're invited to do something similar make sure you have a list of what you want to say. Because it was a fairly last minute confirmation, I didn't have this and struggled to get my justgiving page mentioned. Apart from that it was a good interview (I'm told!). I've got another photo shoot on Tuesday for some more local media coverage with some of my corporate sponsors. So that side of things is going well.
Anyway, after tonights shift, thats it I'm done. Just a couple of days to get my bags pack and labelled. I wish I'd had chance to get that done earlier so I had more lea way if I need to alter anything............ah well can't do everything!

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